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Whatever your industry, we will meet your needs or ideas.


We implement auditoriums of all sizes, ranging from projection to giant screens, visualization of projected images on stage monitors, visualization of any existing signal source, videoconferencing, recording of images from the installed cameras, simultaneous translations, control of all existing equipment, including lighting and curtains. With One-touch you’ll have the control of the whole auditorium.

Distance Learning Systems

This solution enhances the learning experience inside the classroom, providing a collaborative and interactive dynamic environment. In the classroom the teacher can remotely interact with each student through integrated audiovisual and lighting systems, perfect for presentations’ setup and a unique learning experience.


The telemedicine system allows broadcasting the operating theatre to a designated remote room, for example, an auditorium, thus providing a learning experience to a much wider audience. Exceptional solutions in telemedicine, patient’s health, medical education or healthcare administration are made to evolve faster and with less costs.


Large or small screens, in the formats and dispositions you need and with a minimum gap between them are one of the preferred solutions available nowadays. It is applied to various purposes: monitoring and control rooms, advertising, shopping centers, shows, or events.

Command and Control Centers

This type of systems allows centralized control and supervision of the whole network of any industrial or services facilities. Each type of control room will have its specific characteristics, but it will essentially have videoconferencing systems that can be connected to several locations simultaneously and a video wall that will allow to monitor / visualize all the events at the same time.

Board Rooms

These rooms are equipped with every meeting requirements – videoconference, conference microphones, light and curtains control, simultaneous translations – and you can manage them from one easy-to-use interface. This kind of intelligent environment reduces operation costs and makes your business more efficient.

Intelligent environments improves your business.

Residential, Corporate, Education, Hotels & Resorts, Government, Transport and Retail.

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