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Vodafone Portugal - Project Description

The Demonstration Center is the name given to the Vodafone’s project designed for this company to present its solutions to potential clients who visit this centre. Its main concern is to present innovative and clear-cut, easy solutions. So, it was necessary to design a project that would facilitate the interaction with the client during his visit to the demonstration centre.

The demonstration centre has several displays to visualize Pcs’ and video server’s images conveying all the information about the available Vodafone services. The signal sources will be PCs, Video Server and TV setup box. The type of signal available from these sources may be digital or analog. The system is designed to allow monitors belonging to each zone to reproduce local signal sources (PCs), or signal sources common to all zones (video server and TV setup box). The main purpose of the video server is the ability to play back any of the product demonstration video clips or customer’s solutions. The location where this solution is implemented is divided into several functional zones: - A meeting room equipped with a videoconference system and a monitor whose function is to allow the performance of videoconferences, presentations to customers through a locally connected PC, or the reproduction of video clips hosted in the video server, - The Lounge and reception room are two zones which reproduce local sources, one of the channels of the video server, or the setup box of the TV, - The Presentations zone is a zone that has a monitor and PC connection inputs. Similar to other zones, the monitor can also play video clips stored on the server or the TV setup box. The user control interface is a wireless touch panel, a PC, IPad, or other wireless device with a Web Browser.