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Deloitte Portugal - Project Description

The Deloitte Project is called the Hub Room. This room’s primary objective is the contents management in a video wall of 15x3. The connection of this project is based on the user’s need to be able to effectively manage the contents that he / she wants to present. With the possibility of displaying up to 6 signal sources; 3 wireless and 3 wired, with user-developed touch panels, you can select several pre-defined presentation Video wall layouts, or build your own layout. Simultaneously, you can display 1, 2 or 3 video signal sources and additional sources from resident applications such as "http:" (Internet Explorer, Google, or other).

This solution great advantage is the perfectly easy intuitive interface the user has to present the various signal sources in the video wall. This management of enormous complexity is possible through software specifically developed for the layouts to be constructed or simply presenting the layouts already preconceived. The "Vertical Garden", placed in the reception, consists of a set of video walls, one of 3x3 monitors, and two of 2x2 monitors. The user may chose the signal source to be reproduced through any PC that has a web browser. This system’s great advantage is to enable the sources’ selection from any location in the building.

Client: Deloitte Portugal

Skills: Videowall

Category: Hub room