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Bank of Mozambique - Project Description

This Meeting Room’s project is designed to accommodate 50 people. Everybody will have the possibility to accede the information from their PC connection, and watch the remote graphics of the videoconference. The purpose of this room is to make available the various functionalities to everyone in a simple and easy way. The Room has implemented the following functions: - Projection of video and RGB images up to 1920x1080 resolutions. - Playback of images from DVD and Blu Ray - Possibility of high-definition video conferencing over IP with simultaneous transmission of graphic images up to 1280x1024 resolution. - Possibility of carrying out standard resolution video conferencing (ISC) over ISDN with simultaneous transmission of graphic images with resolutions up to 1024x768. - Possibility of conducting audioconferences - Centralized control of the whole audiovisual system through a touch panel.

The system has essentially two modes of operation: isolated and in videoconference. In isolation, the system has all the necessary functionalities to perform a local meeting. A retractable monitor will be available to every participant to transmit the image and the audio of the speaker's PC. The audio will be diffused through the local loudspeakers. When the system performs a videoconference, the remote site is considered an extension of the meeting room. The remote site receives the speaker’s image, and of the any existing presentation. The Projection system consists of a high resolution video projector as well as 55 inch monitors. The 55-inch monitors allow the visualization of the remote participants when the system performing a videoconference. When the system is not in videoconferencing, it allows the presentation of images from the participants’ PCs. In videoconferencing the retractable monitors will show the image of the local speaker’s PC, or of a remote PC. One of this system’s features is that, through an audio desk with integrated echo canceller, it enables a better communication among the participants, preventing the audio signals captured by the microphones from producing echo. The microphones placed in front of each participant will capture the audio either in videoconferences or in audio conferences. One of the great advantages of this system is that the microphones have an ON / OFF button that, when triggered by the participant in a Videoconference, causes the installed cameras to focus automatically on the said participant. This system does not require any third-party intervention to command and control the cameras. The system itself will automatically manage these actions by means of specifically developed software. All functionalities are only possible through a control system that manages everything. A control touch panel constitutes the interface with the user. It is designed according to the requirements of the room and it is easy to use. it will allow integrated control of the whole audiovisual system including lighting, selection of audiovisual event, projection of PC, DVD playback, etc. When you select one of these events in the touch panel, the system controller will send several commands to the system’s devices in order to execute it. The whole system allows a meeting with all the needed audiovisual possibilities, and it will manage the various events in a friendly user way; in most cases a simple touch on the user’s interface will suffice.

Client: Bank of Mozambique

Skills: Videoconference, simultaneous translation, audio conferencing

Category: VIP Board Room for 50 people